Hades Skeleton

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Hades Pads

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Hades Bench

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Hades Skeleton - High End Model 

the latest SAVAGES Innovation where you have SAVAGES GYM at your home, this innovation allows you to squat, bench & Deadlift with all the variations possible, this innovation allows you to train with our SAVAGES Conjugate System, this innovation allows you to test your limits and maximize your potentials, this innovation is designed, created with Engnineering and Science based R&D, this innovation is packed and can fit anywhere in your home and it was designed that way, here is what you can do with this innovation, few but not limited:

  1.  Squats
  2. Belt Squats
  3. Pin Squats
  4. Box Squats
  5. Squats with Bands
  6. Squats with Belt Squats
  7. Squats with belt Squats with bands
  8. Good Morning
  9. Good morning with Bands
  10. pin Good Morning 
  11. Bench Press
  12. Bench with Bands
  13. Deadlift
  14. Deadlift with belt Squats
  15. Deadlift with bands
  16. Deadlift with belt squats with bands 
  17. Over Head Press with bands
  18. Over Head Squats with belt squats
  19.   Over Head Press with belt squats and Bands 

the list goes on and on, the limit with this is the ability of your brain to create

Product Specs:

  • Made in KSA
  • 8x8 11-Gauge steel with numbered Laser Cut pins for bench and rack adjustments  
  • Diamond -Tread platform 
  • 4X Band pins for speed work
  • Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt 
  • SAVAGES Laser Cut branding
  • Black finish
  • J-Cups with Rollers 

The Science Behind the Hades Machine:

SAVAGES's Hades Machine is one of a kind all in one machine that allow the lifter to move two paterns at the same time while performing deadlifts while belt squatting, this is an excellent way to teach the wedgging affect, this innovation belds the posterior chain in a very unique way, when performing the Hades walk, which is walking on a tredmill while having the belt squats on with bands, this loads the glutes from all angels and help protecting the spine 


This product is available on order, usually ships in 1-4 weeks