About Us


SAVAGES is a science based company in the fitness industry, we do things differently, we don't believe in average, either the best or nothing. The journey of being intelligent, powerful, strong and in shape is painful and hard, but we don't fear pain, we welcome it. We provide science based training programs with guaranteed results and we provide unique powerlifting gym equipment.

Our Approach

The scientific approach is always the way to go for us, our goal is to educate as much as possible of our community and create an educated culture and help our clients to reach to their fitness faster, remember "work smarter not harder".

Our Process

We use a lot of methods when it comes to training, including:

  • The conjugate method: Max effort method, Dynamic method and Repetition method.

  • Daily undulating periodization

    We target every individual weaknesses and we make it a strength When it comes to equipment, we are engineers we are there to make the impossible possible, service quality and service delivery are the main drive for us to make our clients satisfied and happy.

Training Programs

Science based training programs that will help you get to your goal faster and more efficient, we have many training programs that will build absolute strength and muscle size, choose your plan and get stronger, bigger and faster now!