4,999 SAR


The Bench is the best bench press you will ever find in the market, in terms of building absolute strength, and targeting specific weaknesses via  variations, the design is inspired by the Lui simmons known as the godfather of strength, durability and load this bench can handle is a next level. The pad is a competition standard size and its fat so that it can give you better back foundation for a stronger bench.  


Product Specs:

  • Made in KSA
  • 4x4 11-Gauge steel with numbered holes for best targeting specific weaknesses 
  • Fat wide competition pad for best back base support
  • Diamond -Tread Spotter Stands
  • 4X Band pins for speed work
  • SAVAGES Laser Cut branding
  • Black finish


This product is available on order, usually ships in 1-4 weeks