The SAVAGElift

19,999 SAR


This Beast is made for serious lifters and hardcore strength facilities, it allows multiple lifters with different heights to train together, that’s done by adjusting the height of the rack without removing any weight of the bar via hydraulic Jack, the arms that hold the bar are also adjustable to different widths as well

Exercise you can do with this machine:

  1.  Squats
  2. Front Squats
  3. Close Stance Squats
  4. Wide Stance Squats
  5. Banded Squats
  6. Squats with chains
  7. Good Mornings
  8. Banded Good Mornings 
  9. Chained Good Mornings

Product Specs:

  • Made in KSA
  • 8x8 11-Gauge steel
  • Holes for band pegs
  • 12T Hydraulic Jack
  • Laser Cut height holes
  • Safety pin for height lock
  • SAVAGESTM Laser Cut branding
  • Black finish

This Product is available on order and usually ships in 4 - 6 weeks