The Transformer Bar

3,300 SAR


SAVAGES Transformer Bar

The Goat of all squat bars, the innovation of squat bars, muliple squat bars and variations in only ONE bar. This bar is an amazing option for thoes with shoulderissues, weak upper back and elbow pain.

Here are some nut not limited squat variations:

1. High bar back squat

2. Low bar back squat

3. Safety squat bar squat

4. Front squat

5. Goblet squat


Product Specs:

  • Made in KSA
  • 16" of loadable sleeves
  • 39MM diameter
  • 65lbs bar weight
  • thick padding for better shoulder and upper back protection
  • SAVAGES Branding
  • Black finish


This product is available on order, usually ships in 1-4 weeks